I had a healing session with Christine at her office and feel much better. She offers several different services and I look forward to exploring her other services in the near future.

              Caroline Marie

I have had numerous healing sessions with Christine, as well as my family has also received healing through Christine.

Christine is always professional, and is both experienced and knowledgeable -as well as she explains the process, the benefits, to receiving such healings. She is in tune with our energy in ways that allow her to work with us, and allow us to benefit from her work.

I am a active person in mind body and soul and I rarely am still in life unless I’m sleeping. Christine is possibly the only one I know who can have me peacefully stop in my tracks to be able to release as well as relinquish my energies-I’m usually asleep by the end of a session and I mean this in good beautiful ways! Ahhh!

Can’t wait for another session!